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Originally Posted by hairyolds2000 View Post
You're right. I use HPTuner software to program my gm stuff, you'll have to do some dyno and real world tuning to get E85 safe for the YXZ.

So, once the package is developed (the hard part), then it is as simple as adding stuff, just as easy as adding the MPI turbo to begin with.

I've seen great benefits come from E85 cooling the intake while under boost, I'm eagerly anticipating the development for the YXZ.
E 85 is a cheap race fuel lol , because of the limited stations sometimes it can be hard to find, I have tuned many cars using E85 and it does very well, it's just the lack of stations, most recent we have been doing w/m and find if tuned correctly works great and you don't have to change injectors but you do need a fail safe, but that is another option
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