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Adjusting front spring pre-load is a #@!#%%

So I understand how all the settings work and the math/science behind it.

First, I had a **** of a time finding a spanner wrench that would actually grab these stupid adjusting/lock nuts. I bought the expensive fox spanner wrenches - both the full spanners and the ratchet spanners, and neither of them work because Yamaha uses a cheesy custom nut. Ended up getting a pair of these on Amazon, which work ok.

The rear was fine, but it seems like there's no good way to get to the front springs. I sort of did the driver side, but getting @ the passenger side is near impossible as there is no room for the wrench to move. Out of the factory, they're pretty tight, so it requires a bit of torque to loosen them.

What have y'all had success with? Is just using a **** hammer and punch the only way to go?

I ride mostly rocky trails in the Northwest (SW Washington), so I'm trying to soften things up as much as possible...

Any insight is much appreciated...
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