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throttle stuck wife open

Has anyone else have their throttle stick wide open? I have less than 4 hours on my yxz and was going down a trail and my throttle stuck wide open in 4th gear. It happens right before a tight corner, I hit the throttle a couple times to get it to unstick but didn't help, I had to turn off the key to get it to stop. Then I started it after putting it in neutral and it ran normal drove 6 miles home with no problems
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Haven't heard of this problem on the forum yet but you should probably bring it in for a check. Not sure what could be the cause of this, maybe the throttle cable is kinked or bent hard somewhere or something else could be causing it.
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Mine has never stick wide open, Ive had it "hang" at about 4000 Rpm when i pushed the clutch a few times but not for awhile, I'd say it happened 3-4 times within the first 100 miles but haven't had any trouble out of it since. If its sticking wide open I'd defiantly see your dealer. Mine would run normal if I shut it off and turned back on. Im not sure if we have a cable or not, it may be electronic now days idk.
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mine got stuck wide open today and wouldn't come out of it. i was riding in snow and first thing i thought was it was froze. well when i got it pulled back to the heated garage and started looking at it the problem seemed to be occuring back at the motor were i would assume it would be warm. not really sure whats up wiht it yet but it started sticking and gradually got worse. then it finally got stuck wide open. i messed with it and got it back to normal. left it at my buddies house cause i didn't want to ride it home and get stranded on a backroad again to freeze my behind off.thats a brief run through of the chain of events that took place. may have just froze up but after we got it unstuck i'm not learning towards it being frozen. i'll post further info
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Good call on leaving it at your friends house until the problem's been sorted. Keep us posted since it seems to be cropping up more now.

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Mine stuck as well. Twice while I was driving and fortunately when the dealer was driving in their lot it did it.
They want to replace the throttle cable. I was dropping it off after a nasty roll over that left it needing a frame
replacement. Lots of back ordered parts. Expected I guess for a new model.
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Did replacing the throttle cable work or are you still waiting to have it shipped to your dealer?
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I got a safety bulletin in the mail from Yamaha about this. They said water gets in the throttle cable and will freeze in below 32F weather and stick. The fix is to blow the water out and clamp both ends of the throttle cable to keep water from entering. Water gets in from pressure washing, driving in deeper water, wet conditions, etc.
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