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Hard Start/crank - warm engine

went out for a break-in ride today. flat smooth roads, came in went to restart and experienced hard crank and no start until engine cool down. anyone else or ideas
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Sucks that happened, did you manage to give it another go after that? Maybe after posting this?

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let engine cool down for about 25 min. start and ran normal. went out to duplicate scenario got the same results.
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I have ran mine hard and have not had any issues, I would take it back to the dealer. Mine is cold blooded and started at 0 degrees and I have to let it warm up for several minutes but that is the only issue I have had.
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Being it's brand new -- Let the Dealer have a crack at resolving.

Being the engine is just an air pump -- A restriction in the intake or exhaust may be the issue.

The atmospheric conditions and elevation at your location also play a role in engine management.

Unlike days long gone when engines had a manual choke to enrichen the fuel mixture -- With todays EFI engines there are a couple of ways one can enable a choke feature.

The easiest way is to run piggyback fuel box - I'll attach 2 pic's at the end.

Another way to choke at startup is to re-map the fuel tables in the ECU. One way to do this is to use the Flash Tune hardware/software package. One can do much more than make a fuel correction at engine startup -- Below I've included a pic of where to make the change.

Being all manufacture's are now programming their engines to run lean and some have installed a CAT in the exhaust -- Depending on one's location it's not surprising fueling issues arise. Couple of pic's to help illustrate:

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I don't know enough about this but I feel like I should.. I know it's not an uncommon issue with any vehicle..this happened with a fourwheeler I had all the time.. it always started though and ran fine so I never really did anything about it haha. seems like someone should have an easy answer for you though .. did you find an answer yet? have you called the dealer?
Vapor lock comes to mind.. I'm wondering if for some reason the fuel lines are getting hot.. I haven't looked at mine yet but I will now.. Im wondering if there is a heat shield missing or the lines are routed wrong on yours.. if that's possible..?

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Hope it's been resolved. But a faulty senser simply I have a manual and might save some time and $ from well at least my dealer would have to see it and I will only call a dealer for advice or parts.
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has anyone found a resoloution to this problem?
i have change batteries, checked and rechecked all connections.
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