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Bk.randall 02-15-2019 03:52 PM

Big cloud of blue smoke?
I had just purchased a used 2017 yxz special edition with the manual trans. I took it for my first drive and it seemed to run great for the first 30 minutes. Had a few straight aways to open it up and see what it’s got. But I got on one straight stretch and again went hard into the throttle and POOF! A sudden huge cloud of blue smoke out the exhaust. The engine didn’t seem to skip a beat though and I didnt get an engine light or anything. It didn’t smoke a puff of anything until then and even after that it didn’t smoke again at all, continued to run just fine. So what I’m asking is, what could that have been? It was just so out of the ordinary I can’t think of what would cause that. Just Some basic info. Has 51 hours and 500 miles. Anyone who might have an idea let me know. Thanks I’m advance!

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